Ontario Drivers Abstract Package

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  • Ontario licence number
  • email address,
  • credit card, PayPal or Interac e-transfer for payment
  • an Ontario driving record with a valid licence

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Includes Everything Below

Guide to Demerit Points & Fighting in Traffic Court

  • Demerit Points in Ontario
  • How do demerit points affect me personally?
  • Can I fight and have Demerit Points removed?
  • If you receive a Part III Summons to appear in court
  • Traffic/Speeding Offence & Ticket Fighting Services
  • Does it matter where my offence happened? YES!
  • What happens if I request a trial?
  • What Should I Say At Trial?
  • What if I can’t afford to pay my ticket?
  • How Demerit Points are applied
  • Penalties for Demerit Points
  • How do I surrender my licence?
  • Penalties for Demerit Points – New Drivers
  • Escalating Penalties
  • Frequently asked questions about Demerit Points
  • Question: What happens if I have a suspended licence
  • After your suspension is over
  • Question: What if I get out of Province demerit points
  • Traffic offences outside Ontario that will add demerit points:
  • Criminal offences outside Ontario that will result in a suspension
  • how to check if your license is suspended

We are not affiliated with Service Ontario or the MTO.

Information included in Ontario drivers abstract (3 year uncertified)

  • name (as it appears on the driver’s licence)
  • driver’s licence number
  • date of birth, sex, height
  • class (G, M, etc.)
  • conditions and endorsements (for example, requirement to wear glasses or contact lenses to drive, ability to drive a vehicle with air-breaks, etc.)
  • status (for example, licensed, unlicensed, suspended)
  • earliest licence date available
  • expiry date
  • demerit point total for your Ontario driving record
  • active fine suspensions, Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code of Canada convictions, suspensions and reinstatements over the past 3 years (reinstatements may not appear for all suspensions, for example, previous fine suspensions)
  • does not show expired medical suspensions
  • everything you need for a driver check or driver update
  • See if you have an Ontario drivers licence suspension

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We are not affiliated with Service Ontario or the MTO.

*please ensure it is only the 3 year “uncertified” copy you require along with the demerit guide and carefully read our Terms & Conditions which describe this enhanced service. We are not affiliated with Service Ontario or the MTO.