CVOR Driver Abstract Bundle

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Information included in CVOR

Intended only for drivers operating commercial vehicles. Includes a 5 year snapshot of records with respect to:

  • commercial vehicle inspections, 
  • convictions,
  • collisions including a description of each accident, conviction and inspection, plus microfilm reference numbers. (Collisions will only be displayed if they are associated with a safety related driver conviction)
  • licence number
  • name
  • class
  • condition
  • expiry
  • medical due dates
  • status

Information included in 3 Year (uncertified)

  • name (as it appears on the driver’s licence)
  • driver’s licence number
  • date of birth, sex, height
  • class (G, M, etc.)
  • conditions and endorsements (for example, requirement to wear glasses or contact lenses to drive, ability to drive a vehicle with air-breaks, etc.)
  • status (for example, licensed, unlicensed, suspended)
  • earliest licence date available
  • expiry date
  • demerit point total
  • active fine suspensions, Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code of Canada convictions, suspensions and reinstatements over the past 3 years (reinstatements may not appear for all suspensions, for example, previous fine suspensions)
  • does not show expired medical suspensions

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